WELCOME ! Goals and Activities

The “Royal Society of Friends of The Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History” (NPO) or S.R.A.M.A. – K.V.V.L. welcomes you to its website.


The main objectives of the S.R.A.M.A. – K.V.V.L. are to promote and support the Belgian Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History (MRA) in Brussels, the museum’s exceptional collections and documentation centre.

The museum is internationally renowned, many researchers and organisations, both Belgian or foreign, consider it as a primary source of technical, scientific or historical information.

Over the years, the S.R.A.M.A. – K.V.V.L. has gained experience and expertise which are benefiting the museum, contributing to its development, evolution, growth and the conservation of its exceptional collections.

A few recent examples

  • Help with the acquisition of rare collection items such as uniforms, equipment and documents.
  • Help with funding and logistical support (during major exhibitions of the museum), e.g. subsidy request from the National Lottery, which was granted for the planning and construction, in the museum’s Bordiau hall, of the permanent exhibition dedicated to the occupation of Belgium (1940 – 1944) and the end of the second world war in Europe (1944 – 1945).

  • Support with external activities (museum’s external exhibitions).
  • Financial support and promotion of the precious items in the wonderful “Russian Gallery”.
  • Image from the “Russian Gallery”
  • Financial management and participation in coordinating the reconstruction project of a Belgian “auto-canon-mitrailleuse (ACM)” (canon and machinegun vehicle) from 1915.
  • Image of the reconstructed ACM, displayed in the museum
  • Organisation of training days for teachers, with collaboration of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the museum’s educational service.


1. Publications (more information Under “Our publications”)

The S.R.A.M.A. – K.V.V.L. promotes the MRA by publishing two journals, distributed to its members and other stakeholders, the annual MILITARIA BELGICA and a quarterly newsletter, MILITARIA BELGICA INFO:

–          MILITARIA BELGICA: The prestigious annual magazine MILITARIA BELGICA contains illustrated articles covering all aspects and subjects of Belgian uniforms and military history.

–          MILITARIA BELGICA INFO: The quarterly newsletter MILITARIA BELGICA INFO provides various information on all the activities of our working groups (conferences, study trips, arms heritage, military archaeology, …) on exhibitions, scholarships and other events related to military history, taking place in Belgium or even abroad

2. Conferences and study trips (more information under “Activities”)

Our non-profit organization offers its members opportunities to meet in a very friendly way and to bond, thanks to common interests revolving around the Belgian army and military history in general.

3. Educational activities dealing with military history
Volunteers from our association organize training days for teachers, with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and the museum’s educational service.